IT Infrastructure Support Services

Help Desk Management

post-imgWe make and oversee nearby and remote assist work area structures with providing a day in and day out single purpose of contact for your business client group to address every single specialized demand, issues, administrations, and different IT request.

Informing and Collaboration

We manufacture and keep up the end-to-end correspondence design for solid innovation stages including email based informing, live gatherings, continuous information sharing, corporate intranet/extranet administrations, brought together informing, record sharing, and video conferencing.

Arrange Management

Arrange foundation administrations including system outline and design arranging, organize review, and continuous support for TCP/IP setup, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Storage Area Networks (SAN), LAN/WAN and voice/information/video mix, in addition to organization and investigating of system gadgets including switches, doors, and firewalls.

Framework Administration

Organization of everyday client administration, get to and security conventions, in addition to different undertaking IT administrations including database plan/usage/enhancement, extensive scale information movements, database reinforcement and recuperation, server design, and system availability.